Cookie policy

What is meant by cookies?
The cookie is a small text file that a site saves to your computer or mobile device when you visit it. Thanks to cookies, the site retains your actions and preferences for a period of time. This way you don’t have to re-enter them whenever you return to the site or navigate from page to page.

Types of cookies used on this site:
• Site performance cookies

• Cookies for analyzing visitors

• Cookies for geotargetting

• Registration cookies

• Cookies for advertising

• Advertising providers’ cookies

• Tracking cookies

How does cookie work on this site?
to retain your affiliate advertising display preferences. This site does not send personal data to affiliate networks or online stores and does not have the possibility of identifying the user. The networks to which this site is affiliated are: Profitshare, 2Performant and Altex Affiliate.
in case of filling in the contact form: the name, the email address, the web site so as not to re-enter them at a later date This site does not store important personal data regarding: identity card data, age, gender, bank accounts, etc.
to accept or not use cookies on the site.
to keep track of traffic: Google Analytics or StatCounter applications – informational data
You have the right to say NO or disable cookies!
for the monetization of the site. When accessing the affiliate link on the users’ devices, tracking cookies will be placed in order to monetize the promoted content / project. Affiliate links can be sent to: PROFITSHARE, 2PERFORMANT and ALTEX AFFILIATES.
What data does this site collect through cookies?
-name, email address, web site
– traffic monitoring data

How can you disable cookies?
Cookies can be deactivated depending on the browser you use from the Setting / Preference option:

Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge
Goole Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

What are the benefits of cookies?
A cookie contains information that links between a web browser (the user) and a particular web-server (the website). If a browser accesses that web server again, it can read the information already stored and react accordingly. Cookies provide users with a pleasant browsing experience and support the efforts of many websites to provide comfortable services to users.

How long is a cookie?
Cookies are managed by web servers. The lifetime of a cookie may vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Some cookies are used only for one session (session cookies) and are no longer retained once the user has left the website and some cookies are retained and reused each time the user returns to that website (‘cookie- permanent hours’). However, cookies can be deleted by a user at any time through the browser settings.

What are cookies placed by third parties?
Certain sections of content on some sites may be provided through third parties / providers (eg news box, a video or an advertisement). These third parties may also place cookies through the site and they are called “third party cookies” because they are not placed by the owner of the respective website. Third party providers must also comply with the law in force and the privacy policies of the site owner.

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